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Continuous Insulation Panels

insulation panels.

Do-it-yourself simplicity merged with cutting-edge performance for interior and exterior applications.

Compare the dramatic benefits of InSoFast over traditional methods.

Interiors Exteriors
Continuous Insulation for Shipping Containers

Zero-Energy Ready
Shipping Containers

InSoFast panels provide simple, space-saving insulation and framing for shipping containers. We also offer inserts to fill the corrugation gaps.

Maximize your efficiency by combining any InSoFast panel with our Container InSerts.

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Interior Insulation Retrofit Brick Home

Engineered for

Toss your dust mask and spray suit. Complex and hazardous step-by-steps are a thing of the past.

See how a family in Minnesota simplified the retrofit process of their 19th-century home.

Installing Drywall over InSoFast Insulation Panels

Designed for

InSoFast speeds up the construction process by combining multiple parts of an advanced wall assembly into a single, interlocking panel.

Read how the project manager for 8,000 sq-ft in Colorado stayed on-time and under-budget.

Easy Affordable Insulation for Everyone

Cut costs,
not corners.

An all-in-one design proven to be more cost-efficient and less labor-intensive than any leading alternative.

Learn how a volunteer youth group made high-performance homes an affordable option for their community.

Passive House Insulation


Look beyond today’s code minimums and aim for the future of building science. Secure your investment with materials and features built to outlast.

Discover why InSoFast was the perfect solution for a Passive House project in Indiana.

On-Demand Training and Consultation


Don’t have the time or resources to travel to every trade show across the planet? No worries, we’ll bring it to you.

Schedule a live Q&A video session for you, your crew or your firm. Completely free with no tucked shirts or downloads required.


Designed with tomorrow in mind.

Invaluable benefits for your family and home.

High-performance installs made easy.

Get the job done right.

UX 2.0 Panels

2″ R-8.5 Continuous Insulation

InSoFast UX 2.0 provides a next-level user experience that’s proven to be faster and more cost-effective than any traditional insulation and framing job.

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EX 2.5 Panels

2½” R-10 Continuous Insulation

InSoFast EX 2.5 simplifies an advanced approach to building that exceeds today’s efficiency standards in preparation for a Net-Zero Energy future.

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InSoFast Plus Increase your R-Value

It’s easy to increase your R-Value while maintaining the engineered benefits of InSoFast. By layering additional panels of rigid insulation over top the InSoFast panels, you can go from R-8.5 to R-21 and beyond in as little as 2 extra inches.

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What our customers are saying.


You were so helpful to me when I needed to finish my basement floor. I could not believe how easy and effective this product is. I’m sixty-three years old and I was able to install InSoFast throughout my entire basement, large room, bathroom, hallway and mud room by myself in one day. Ed worked out the layout and emailed me the hand-drawn plan and away I went. Every one of the workers from electrician to drywaller and plumber could not get over the product and the service that went with it. Thank you again for all your help.


A neighbor is having her basement finished. I was laughing watching all the stuff they are lugging in for the project! It was SO handy to just slide the lightweight boxes down the stairs. I did all the EX Panels by myself in 10 hours. They have a good 6 guys working on it for days so far…suckers!


I didn’t believe it was the same cost as framing and insulation, so I had to figure out the framing and insulation myself. It was virtually the same. I ordered the InSoFast had it shipped directly to my home. I didn’t have to make multiple trips to the lumber yard or worry about loading framing lumber in my vehicle. By myself it took about 6 to 8 hrs to install the panels. InSoFast is an awesome product!


Ed, I have finished my basement remodel – many months ago. I’m sorry it took so long to get back in touch with you. The installation was so easy. It took approximately 2 weekends to install and sheetrock. The basement had 2 x 4’s on their sides with paneling over top painted an ugly color. We demoed this first, then applied the InSoFast panels. We sheetrocked over the panels and painted. This WAS so easy! Our basement was always cool, but we’ve lowered the temperature by at least 10 degrees. In fact, we don’t use the A/C in the basement at all (been 100 outside for weeks). Our house was built in 1964. Love the product!

Dietz Builders

You can’t justify using stud framing and spray foam when InSoFast is available!

Order a sample panel today!

See if InSoFast is right for your project. If you decide it is, we will fully refund the price of your sample.

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Learn more by exploring our ever-expanding resource library

Where to Buy InSoFast

Where to Buy InSoFast

InSoFast panels are available for purchase here, on our website. Next to the simplicity of installation, one of the best features of InSoFast panels is that we ship them (free!) ...

A DIY Shipping Container Home

A DIY Shipping Container Home

Back in 2014 we discussed the debt free sustainable lifestyle associated with The Tiny House Movement and Shipping Container Architecture. Throughout the past several years the movement seems to ...

InSoFast InSerts

InSoFast InSerts

Since releasing our Side Wall InSerts last year we’ve seen customers from all over the country use them to insulate their shipping containers. This month InSoFast introduces two new variations of ...

An important investment.

We understand you have a big decision to make. That’s why we’re here to help you.

We’ve been active members in the building industry for over 20 years and we are certain that InSoFast panels are one of the best solutions out there. With that in mind, every building situation is 100% unique and we encourage any and all questions.

Please reach out to us. We’re all over social media, we check our email too often and we have a dedicated toll-free phone number. Don’t hesitate. We are a company of 4 very passionate experts who want to talk about this all the time.

InSoFast Continuous Insulation

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Intertek Intertek ETL Listed Architectural Testing IAS Accredited U.S. Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home Partner