Hanging TVs and Cabinets

Mounting heavy items, such as cabinets, shelving, or a mounting bracket for a flat screen TV, to an InSoFast wall is easy. With a conventional framed wall it is impossible to mount something heavy, like cabinets, between the framing members. With InSoFast panels, heavy objects can be fastened anywhere on the wall.

Simply screw to the attachment studs of the InSoFast panel using cabinet screws or fasteners for wood. Any stud sensor with locate the attachment studs.

Then follow up with one Tapcon® or masonry screw per cabinet or bracket to secure directly to the concrete wall. Because the drywall is backed solid with the rigid foam of the InSoFast panel, there is no need to locate a “stud” when fastening through the foam directly into the concrete which serves as a continuous solid structural backing behind the entire wall. Use standard concrete screws or anchors of proper size and capacity.

Third party testing shows that the co-polymer studs have a holding power for attachment equivalent to that of commercial grade steel studs (20ga) using all purpose drywall screws.

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