InSoFast for Shipping Containers

Shipping container architecture is a growing trend. We’ve had customers use InSoFast to insulate shipping containers for tiny homes, worm farms, storage spaces, artist studios and more. InSoFast’s Do-It-Yourself simplicity makes insulating shipping containers fast and efficient. We’ve even designed a custom product meant to fill the corrugated depths of shipping container walls. The inserts close up the container’s corrugation air gaps and create a continuous barrier of insulation in conjunction with the panels. For more information on these custom inserts give us a call.

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  • evan jones

    What is the best way to fasten to the ceiling and attaching drywall over in a shipping container? This picture has some sort of metal runners on the ceiling? Seams like the weight of drywall would not hold well?

    • There are a few ways to ensure sturdy attachment for the ceiling, one of the most important is having a clean surface for the PL Premium 3X adhesive bond. Additionally, we recommend installing panels with studs running perpendicular to the container’s corrugated ridges in order to get the largest possible surface contact. The example on this page was able to install the panels parallel as it was not intended as a living space. The metal runners were for an entirely separate purpose.

      We are currently working on guides to cover these installation methods. In the meantime, please call to speak with an expert on additional options for ceiling installation — (888) 501-7899

  • Shannon Holman

    How does InSoFast compare to spray foam in terms of price and R-value?

    • The results will depend on your application. You can find pricing and product information on the pages in the Product and Order sections of our website. InSoFast panels include fully embedded stud framing which enables a continuous R-value across the wall and provides a convenient solution for attachment. InSoFast products do not involve the same chemical risks associated with spray foam methods. Typically, our products will offer a far more affordable solution.

  • balzacq

    I’d like to install UX 2.0 panels to the inside and EX 2.5 panels to the outside of a container, plus inserts on both sides. Do you recommend the same adhesive for the outside, weather-exposed surface? And will that give enough strength to hang sheathing/siding off of the EX 2.5 studs? (Especially for a heavier siding like HardiPlank?)


    • Yes it would be the same adhesive. We also have a new panel for shipping containers that replace some of the inserts. The panel is highlighted in this video play list.
      Hardiplank is not a problem.

      • balzacq

        Excellent, thank you for your quick response!

        I saw a Youtube video from “Container Acre” talking about the CX panels, and it was implied that you could order them — and indeed whole container kits — from the website. I don’t see any of the screens shown on that video — am I in the right place? :-)