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#AskInSoFast is an initiative we started to provide on-demand answers to any and all questions you may have about our company, it’s products, installation techniques or building science at large. The videos in this playlist are part of the repository of answers we have provided to real questions from our customers.

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  • sophie1150

    Can I use your product to insulate bedroom walls

    • Yep, you can pretty much use InSoFast on any wall anywhere in your house.

      We assume by “bedroom walls” you are referring to a 2×4 wood-framed wall? If that’s the case, just line up the built-in InSoFast studs with your wall’s studs (16″ O.C) and screw them together.

  • Garik

    It is suitable for concrete floors?

  • Paul

    I had purchased enough panels to complete my basement, but in talking to drylok, they recommend that i remove the old paint (from the previous owner) by grinding or sandblasting the walls, then apply a fresh coat or two of drylok, then I can install the panels after the walls are dry.

    I wish there was an easier way and that I had known about this before I had purchased the panels.

  • Ryan Walker

    Are there any other options for sizes? I have a basement with 8ft ceilings and 50 ft long, 30ft wide. I only would like to have the option for purchasing only the square footage I need. Can someone e-mail me with any options that are available. I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Each panel covers 8SF. We ship them in boxes of 5 meaning there is 40SF per box. It sounds like your total project will add up to an even 1,280SF ((50+50+30+30) x 8) which would require exactly 160 panels and work out to exactly 32 boxes.

      The project calculator in our online store will be able to match exactly what you need per your square footage:

  • Raymond Kurland

    How do I deal with outside corners? Want to finish with Sheetrock.