Stacking Panels Along Interior Walls

Starting in a Corner

We recommend starting your installation with a full panel in the bottom corner of your wall. This not only makes it easier to set up an even alignment, it also gives you the option of working in two directions along your walls. After the first panel is set in place, continue adding consecutive panels side-by-side until the row is complete.


Creating an Interlock Pattern

The interlock pattern uses the same concept as brick-laying. By offsetting the edges of each row of panels, you’ll create a structurally locked wall that bolsters the InSoFast panels’ ability to self-level.

  1. After placing the first row of panels, use a knife or saw to cut a new panel along the demarcated channel line into a 16“ and 32” section.
  2. drystack2
  3. To create the second row, attach the freshly cut 32” section in the corner you started directly above the first full panel. Eliminate waste by using the remaining 16“ section to start the second row of the adjacent wall.
  4. Continue adding panels along the second row until complete. You can repeat the same process of staggering cut and uncut panels for each new row.

Dry-stacking for a Faster Workflow

We encourage a process called drystacking which speeds up the workflow when it comes time to glue panels. Essentially, you perform a mock set-up of your InSoFast walls by stacking the panels without any adhesive or finished mechanical attachment. You can troubleshoot all of the more complicated steps such as cutting panels to fit around pipes and windows and then arrange them in the order they need to be installed later

  • Tom

    could you use this for upstairs interior walls? reason is for sound and warmth .

    • Yep, you can pretty much use InSoFast on any wall anywhere in your house. To be fair, there are probably better materials for soundproofing, but moderating the perfect temperature is what our insulation is all about.

      We assume by “upstairs interior” you are referring to a 2×4 wood-framed wall? If that’s the case, just line up the built-in InSoFast studs with your wall’s studs (16″ O.C) and screw them together.

  • Tom

    Can you tell me the cost,per box.Thanks

    • You can find all the pricing information on our Place an Order page. We discount by volume, so price will depend on the total area (in square feet) of coverage for your project.

  • Michael Stine

    How do i install a perpendicular partition wall?

    • Here is a page with information on partition walls. The basic idea is that you want to install InSoFast along the other walls first. The studs in the partition wall are fastened to its top and bottom plates.