Using Screws & Fasteners


Mechanical attachment may be the primary method for securing the InSoFast panels to the wall surface if the concrete conditions do not allow adhesive usage. Use Tapcon® screws or Perma-grip nails in the center recessed attachment point on each stud, for a total of three screws per panel for interior drywall applications. Adhered stone applications require six screws per panel.

A mechanical fastener may be necessary if you forgot to apply adhesive to a stud or not enough adhesive was applied. Use a mechanical fastener where necessary to secure the panel to the wall. Use any of the nine recessed attachment points located on the face of the attachment studs.

Combined Adhesive Attachment

For adhered applications using PL Premium adhesive on walls that are subject to peeling or flaking paint, it is important to supplement the installation of InSoFast panels with mechanical fasteners such as Tapcon® screws or Perma‐Grip nails.

  1. Remember to wait at least 24 hours for PL Premium Adhesive to cure before using fasteners in your wall. Install a row of mechanical fasteners between 6”and 18” from the ceiling at 48”-O.C. utilizing the recessed attachment points that are molded into the InSoFast studs.
  2. Install additional row(s) of mechanical fasteners at 48”-O.C. spacing as needed to keep a maximum of 48”-O.C. spacing between rows of fasteners.
  3. At the bottom of the wall, install a row of mechanical fasteners between 6”and 18” up from the floor at 48” on center.

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  • KrissrocK

    I understand everything but what 48″ OC means? On center?

    • It is confusing but pretty simple. Assuming that you floor to ceiling height is 8′. Install one screw at the bottom of the wall about 6″ up off the floor. Install one screw about 6″ from the top of the wall. The finally step place one screw in the middle of the wall. Which will conveniently be about 48″ OC . No problem when you have an 8′ wall if you have a taller wall that is when the 48″ OC kicks in. OC means on center a typical construction unit of measure.

  • No problem that is why we are here.

  • Jerry Eisenstadt

    how would you attach conner beads on conners of walls or window returns