EX 2.5 Panels

EX 2.5 Panels

Designed to simplify an advanced approach to building that exceeds today’s efficiency standards in preparation for a Net-Zero Energy future.

Continuous Insulation

R-10 Continuous

Engineered to outperform traditionally framed R-15 walls. An extra half-inch layer of insulation covers the stud surface to eliminate any thermal bridging. The panels interlock so tightly that assembled pieces can actually be picked up as one unit.

Nailable Panels

Nailable Attachment

Forget the specialty fasteners of traditional foam board. Embedded studs mean you can nail directly to the wall, then attach finish directly to the panel without any extra steps. Finish with thin brick, cultured stone, stucco, cement board, whatever!

Built-in Rainscreen

One-step Rainscreen

Made with materials that won’t rot, rust, warp, or decay. Advanced drain-and-dry technology allows the panel to moderate moisture as part of a complete rainscreen solution. Maximizes efficiency and saves thousands of dollars in installation costs.

Engineered Features

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Physical Properties

Compared Feature UX 2.0 Panels EX 2.5 Panels
  UX 2.0 Panel EX 2.5 Panel
Panel Body Dimensions 24in × 48in × 2in 24in × 48in × 2½in
Drainage Channel Dimensions 24in × ¼in × ¼in 24in × ¼in × ¼in
Horizontal Chase Dimensions 48in × 1in × ¾in 48in × 1in × ¾in
Vertical Chase Dimensions 24in × ¾in × ¾in 24in × ¾in × ¾in
Linear Coverage 8sq-ft 8sq-ft
Continuous Insulation R-Value R-8.5 R-10
Comparable Performance to 2×4 Wall/R-13 Batts 2×4 Wall/R-15 Batts
Fully Insulated Composite Studs Flush with Surface Recessed ½in below surface
Tongue-and-Groove Interlocking Edges Improved tightness aids structural self-levelling
Cutting Indication Lines
Electrical Raceways at Code Depth
Designed Ready for Finishing Attachment Both Interior/Exterior (drywall, siding, etc) Both Interior/Exterior (drywall, siding, etc)
Designed for Basement Improved performance over UX 2.0
Designed for Exteriors Improved performance over UX 2.0
Moisture Control Channels on Back only ORSC, Section R703.1.1-approved rain screen and drainage technology on both sides

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EX 2.5 Panel

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