Physical Properties of InSoFast Panels

Compared Feature UX 2.0 Panels EX 2.5 Panels
  UX 2.0 Panel EX 2.5 Panel
Panel Body Dimensions 24in × 48in × 2in 24in × 48in × 2½in
Drainage Channel Dimensions 24in × ¼in × ¼in 24in × ¼in × ¼in
Horizontal Chase Dimensions 48in × 1in × ¾in 48in × 1in × ¾in
Vertical Chase Dimensions 24in × ¾in × ¾in 24in × ¾in × ¾in
Linear Coverage 8sq-ft 8sq-ft
Continuous Insulation R-Value R-8.5 R-10
Comparable Performance to 2×4 Wall/R-13 Batts 2×4 Wall/R-15 Batts
Fully Insulated Composite Studs Flush with Surface Recessed ½in below surface
Tongue-and-Groove Interlocking Edges Improved tightness aids structural self-levelling
Cutting Indication Lines
Electrical Raceways at Code Depth
Designed Ready for Finishing Attachment Both Interior/Exterior (drywall, siding, etc) Both Interior/Exterior (drywall, siding, etc)
Designed for Basement Improved performance over UX 2.0
Designed for Exteriors Improved performance over UX 2.0
Moisture Control Channels on Back only ORSC, Section R703.1.1-approved rain screen and drainage technology on both sides

Physical Properties of Injection-Molded EPS

Property ASTM Test Result
Closed-cell Foam Density (nominal) C303 1.25lb/ft
Closed-cell Foam Density (minimum) C303 1.15lb/ft
Compressive Resistance at 10% Strain Deformation D1621,C165,C203 13.0psi (90kPa)
Flexural Strength D1621,C165,C203 30.0psi (208kPa)
Thermal Conductivity (R-Value) at 75°F±2°F C177,C518 R4.45/in
Water Absorption by Total Immersion (Moisture Resistance) C272 3% by volume
Water Vapor Permeability (Class III Vapor Retarder) E96 3.5perm/in
Capillarity none
Maximum Service Temperature (long term) 167°F
Maximum Service Temperature (intermittent) 180°F
Flame Spread E84-81A 5 @ 4″
Smoke Developed E84-81A 105-190

Examples of R-Values over Concrete Walls

Conditions UX 2.0 EX 2.5
over one (1) side of an 8″ poured concrete wall with a drywall finish R-10.44 R-11.94
over one (1) side of a 12″ concrete block wall (CMU) with a drywall finish R-11.08 R-12.58
over both (2) sides of a below-grade concrete foundation wall with a drywall finish on the interior R-21.08 R-23.88

Examples of R-Values of InSoFast PLUS Systems

PLUS System** UX 2.0 PLUS (Complete wall assembly*) EX 2.5 PLUS (Complete wall assembly*)
InSoFast PLUS ½” Rigid Foam @ R-2.5 R-11.0 (R-13.58) R-12.5 (R-15.08)
InSoFast PLUS ¾” Rigid Foam @ R-3.75 R-12.25 (R-14.83) R-13.75 (R-16.33)
InSoFast PLUS 1″ Rigid Foam @ R-5.0 R-13.5 (R-16.08) R-15.0 (R-17.58)
InSoFast PLUS 1½” Rigid Foam @ R-7.5 R-16.0 (R-18.58) R-17.5 (R-20.08)
InSoFast PLUS 2″ Rigid Foam @ R-10 R-18.5 (R-21.08) R-20.0 (R-22.58)

Copolymer Stud Fastener and Adhesion Testing

Property ASTM Result
#6 1¼in Standard Drywall Screws Pull Out (Fastener Withdrawal) D1761-06 325.4 lb/ft
#6 1¼in Standard Drywall Screws Shear (Lateral Screw Resistance) D1761-06 470.6 lb/ft
Adhesion of PL Premium Adhesive and Stud (Peak Stress) D4541-02 108psi (972ps/lf)